bride with her father walking down the aisle

If you are new to the engagement scene, then you’ll probably be needing a bit of help to help get into the swing of things. Getting everything started on the right foot often begins with the wedding invitations. The cards essentially provide your guests with a little snippet about what they can expect for your special day. Wedding invitations should possess a smart balance between being informative, but also creative and expressive. Not sure where to start? Check out the following great tips below.


Don’t go over the top

Before you start madly experimenting with designs and colours, keep at the back of your mind that less is often more. So basically, don’t go over the top with all the colours, patterns and designs. Remember you might be needing to print anywhere between 20 and 400 wedding invitations. You don’t want to blow your budget on the cards and need to start cutting costs with the fun stuff, like music, catering and seating arrangements. Unless you can afford to go crazy with your cards, be thrifty with your money.


Start early so you’re not rushing

When it comes to wedding invitations, the last thing you want to be doing is rushing. Make sure that your place your orders of cards well in advance of the date, because there might be unforeseen problems with supply and delivery. This also gives you plenty of time to make any last-minute changes before sending them out to your guests. In addition, the more notice you give your guests, the more likely they are to come. You can always send out “save the date” cards as a way of locking down all those non-committal attendees.


Know what style you want

In addition, you clearly want to have a strong idea of the style for your wedding invitations. This is something that you need to discuss in detail with your fiancé. The style is very important because it will denote how formal or informal the marital ceremony will be. If you want the event to be very traditional and formal, stick to an older style. You’ll want to focus on rich colours, floral patterns and cursive text. On the other hand, if you want the event to be laidback and relax, use relatively informal, colloquial language and lighter colours. Always stipulate the dress code on your wedding invitations!


Proofread the cards again and again!

Imagine signing off on your wedding invitations, sending them all out, only to realise that there is a glaring, obvious mistake or type in the script. Now that would be embarrassing! The surprising thing, however, is that this happens more often than you think. To prevent a spelling catastrophe from happening, make sure you proofread your cards at least 3-4 times. Better yet, get a fresh pair of eyes to look at your wedding invitations. Whilst there might not be any spelling errors, grammar or poor phrasing could still be a problem. A new perspective will be able to identify these issues more effectively than someone who has read and re-read the cards hundreds of times.


Be creative but logical

Naturally, your marriage cards should express who you are as a couple. As a result, feel free to experiment with different colours and shades in order to find the right contrasting colours that suit your cards. When designing the text, make sure the colours contrast well. Light ink on a light background will be hard to read, whereas the same can be said for dark ink on a darker background. Keep it simple and make sure that the colour of the text contrasts well with the tones and shades of the background.