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If you are thinking about keeping some of your valuables in some form of Newcastle storage solution, then you will need to travel to the city and see it for yourself. One of the things you might want to do while you are there is check out some of the landmarks and attractions.

It doesn’t hurt to take a look at some side attractions while you are there for another primary purpose. It can be fun to turn a business trip into a small holiday for yourself. There are lots of great things to enjoy in the local area that won’t take long for you to investigate, take some photos and share with people on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

The following article will take a look at some cool landmarks and attractions you can visit while looking at different Newcastle storage solutions to protect your valuable items.

Darby St

Darby St is a the main, and most famous, hub of café and shopping activity you will find when investigating Newcastle storage solutions. The local resident’s love with coffee and beachside café culture can be seen in full force practically every morning with everyone from retirees to young couples enjoying the sense of community.

Bogey Hole

When you are looking at Newcastle storage options you need to check out this heritage-listed pool that was built originally by convicts all the way back in 1820, leading some to speculate it is the oldest European construction still standing in the city. It is now the favourite swimming spot for local residents and tourists.

Hunter Valley

Of course, it’s hard to plan a trip to look at Newcastle storage options without being tempted to take a side trip to the Hunter Valley which is one of Australia’s most famous regions for vineyards and wineries. It’s basically an idyllic and expensive holiday place where you can act like a snob while drinking from dawn till dusk.

Port Stephens

This is another destination that, like the Hunter Valley, is probably more famous than the city itself. When you are taking a look at Newcastle storage solutions you should consider a trip to Port Stephens where you can find awesome sand dunes, camel rides and bottlenose dolphin watching.

Fort Scratchley

This fortification was built in the 1800’s to defend against a possible attack by the Russians but later saw actions fighting off Japanese submarines during the Second World War. If you are interested in military history or just love a good seafort tour, then this is a great destination to visit when you are on an excursion looking at Newcastle storage options.


One place that is technically also a Newcastle storage solution is the city’s museum that contains an amazing array of both Aboriginal and European art. If you are an art buff, then this place is definitely a must-visit.

Merewether Beach

This is a popular beach with surfers and swimmers during the warmer months. There isn’t much more to say about it other than it is a nice beach with a beach hotel serving food and drinks.

Local markets

The local markets around the area are well worth visiting if you want to have a truly unique shopping experience. There’s always something great on offer from fresh produce to nick knacks and everything in-between.